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My son Cameron was murdered on February 7, 2003, due to being beaten to death by Samuel Christopher Jones, a long time family friend I trusted. He was given 20 years because of a plea bargain, because he had no felony points. This monster is due to be released on parole in 2017. He only serves 14 years In prison for his crime, which is NOT justice. He murdered a 3 year old innocent baby. My baby. He truly deserved Life. Preferably death. Not a plea bargain and certainly not a chance at parole. He got off to soon and I received no justice for Cameron because of these laws and I want something done about this immediately!!! No insanity defense, no felony points and no plea bargains should even be considered in this type of crime. Life in prison has to be the only decision, answer, and solution for adults who are found guilty of murdering a child. If a killer cannot receive death, then let it be life in prison!!

Letter to
Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota Keith Ellison has since taking office on January 4, 2007
Minnesota Attorney General's Office Lori Swanson
Minnesota Senate Kari Dziedzic (60, DFL)
and 5 others
Senator at state Capitol Jeffery Hayden
Congress Michelle Bachman
Minnesota State House
Minnesota State Senate
Minnesota Governor
Change laws on adults who murder children under the age of 18