Petitioning Minnesota House Of representatives Mary Franson and 7 others

State Legislation, Minnesota house of representatives: Impose a law change on adults who murder children. Fighting for mandatory, no exceptions, life in prison, called "Cameron's Law"



There is a real terror in this world. The knowing that there are sick and twisted people out there that have no issue murdering a child.

The only way this change can be accomplished is if we all pull together and stand up for the awareness of this cause! We must take a stand and fight for the justice of ALL children.

There are no strict laws in place to fully protect the justice of our children when they are murdered by an adult. All children are innocent, and defenseless. The law currently offers plea bargains, and lesser charges on murder, just to get a conviction. What!!?? No!! This must stop today!!

There desperately needs to be a "Mandatory, No Exceptions law"  put into effect. This law will be called "Cameron's Law". This law will state firmly, that any adult that murders a innocent child, that life without parole, will be the end result. The only outcome. There will be absolutely no other options available. There will be no plea bargains offered. Felony points will not matter, and a clean criminal record will not save you.


My 3 year old son Cameron Norris, was murdered on February 7, 2003.  Cameron was brutally beat to death by Samuel Christopher Jones, a long time family friend I trusted. Jones denied the allegations of murder from the very beginning. However, the evidence was so strong against him, that if he went to trial, he would be serving 40 years to life. Jones, had no criminal record, nor did he have felony points. So, Jones was offered a plea bargain on the lesser charge of 2nd degree murder. He was sentenced to the max of 20 years, but, with parole. In 8/2017, after serving only 14 years, Jones will be allowed back into society and remain on parole until 2023. This was a very strong case, and Jones could have gotten Life....but because of plea bargains and loop holes in the justice system, this convicted baby killer will go back to having a life, when he killed an innocent baby.

This case is a prime example of why the law needs to be changed. No child murderer should ever be allowed to walk free.



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