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Assaulting a Journalist Must Become a Felony

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The recent assault on Journalist Ben Jacobs by candidate Greg Gianforte was far more than a "simple misdemeanor assault". It was, and continues to be,  a direct attack on the constitutional foundation of our democracy. This heinous violence represents a growing toxic hostility to a free press. It is a gross injustice and affront to our American way of life that Mr Gianforte will be allowed to take his seat in the US Congress. State legislatures have passed numerous laws to give added protection to law enforcement personnel, health workers, bus drivers, teachers and various other categories of individuals whose jobs are critical to our health and safety. The federal government has done the same for postal workers, census takers and all manner of other federal employees engaged in their job functions. If any one of these categories of individuals were to be assaulted in the manner that was inflicted upon Ben Jacobs, the perpetrator would be subject to a FELONY ASSAULT charge. The job of journalist deserves the same protection. A free press is a critical element in keeping American a nation in which a journalists must have the freedom and the right to pursue truth within an open unfettered marketplace of ideas . If you agree, please sign this petition. My wish is to see at least ten million people making a commitment to pushing all 50 state legislatures to draft and pass such a law and eventually to create sufficient political pressure that the congress will follow suite and that the majorities will be large enough to override any veto from any governor president. This is about more than protecting individual journalists, it's about preserving our democracy, if you understand and agree, then signing this petition is the least you must do.  

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Assaulting a Journalist Must Become a Felony



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