Make the national display of the Confederate Flag illegal! Ban the stars and bars!

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As the nation faces widespread civil unrest from the racial tensions behind the police murder of George Floyd, it's time we start considering the place this symbol has in it if we are ever going to work towards healing its deep wounds.

The confederate flag and the ideals behind it have been associated with some of the worst elements of the American experience. Not only has it been displayed by hate groups, but it has also been associated with racial violence and domestic terrorism towards African-Americans for over 150 years. The flag could be found displayed proudly in Charlottesville, VA in 2017 where the Unite the Right rally occurred, which claimed the life of 32 year old anti-racist protestor Heather Heyer. And now? The confederate flag is now seen displayed with Trump/Pence banners.

Bottom line; The United States of America and its President should not be enabling hate or intolerance any longer. This flag has to go. Just like how Germany made the display of the nazi flag and swastika illegal, America should do the same for the stars and bars.

For the "heritage not hate" crowd, please reconsider picking better symbols to display and better heroes to look up to.