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Stop False Anonymous Reports of Abuse n Neglect

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If we had people go in person,show some kind of identification, to make reports of abuse and neglect, and stilll keep their information private,if that person wishes to,  I believe there would be less false reports. There would be less families being torn apart. We really,  really need to think about the children here. Kids are being  illegally takin away frm innocent parents. Innocent parents losing their parental rights. The children are the ones that suffer and are traumatized. Why would we want that for our kids? That is why we need to sign this petition, for the children, please,because our children are the future. Unfortunately, there are alot of heartless, selfish, evil people in this world, that think they are hurting the parents, but in reality they are hurting the kids. Yes, parents hurt also, but the children are marked for life. There has to be a way to stop these evil people from making false reports of abuse and neglect,  jus because they are upset for what ever reason they'r upset about.  This way cps can make it on time,to rescue the children that do need to be rescued. Caseworkers are running around on a wild goose chase,looking for innocent families, and sometimes don't make it on time to save children that need to be saved. Less reports means cps can take their time investigating a report. More time they have,  less mistakes they make. Instead of rushing to finish a case,and making the wrong disitions that can tear apart an innocent family. I'm not saying that there won't be any false reports of abuse and neglect  at all,but maybe there would be less. Also, we need to make it loud and clear, that anyone making false accusations will be prosecuted, and I know there will be less reports coming in. I do believe that when there is really abuse and neglect people will go in person to report it. False reports of abuse and neglect, affects everyone , even the person  making the report. If you really  think about it, when innocent  families fight back, and believe me,they will fight back for their kids. There will be very expensive lawsuits, that will come out of taxpayers pockets. When that money can be used, for the children that are in the system. The children depend on us adults to keep them secured and safe, we don't want to let them down. We can't. Some day we will need them,to keep us safe and sound. Please, for the children,  please sign this petition,  so we can save the children.

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