Request clemency for nonviolent offender Chris Cowan,KY.

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It is an Outage and total disgrace to let a child molester / sexoffender to obtain the privilege of seeing the light of day and having the freedom to walk amongst anyone or anything... More less to have a 2nd chance to hurt a child... YET most of these child molesters are not imprisoned or taking off the streets anywhere near the length of time that my nonviolent, hard working, self motivated, business owner and loving family friend, has had to endure... And for what offense... For a non harming crime such as drug charge and a gun charge.. that was not in any way a violent or child endangering charge/charges... please I beg of you to consider an early release/ clemency so he can enjoy the rest of his life and his mothers and sons lives before it is too late... I thank u to you for taking the time to read and / or consideration.Please