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"Donate Money", give basic necessity to orphans,homeless, and in need."

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Food,Clothing,Shelter and Education are  basic human needs and right.
Yet those who need education and home is the most – children living in poverty – are the least likely to attend and complete school.In the United States, 1.2 million high schools students drop out before graduating.
 That’s a student dropping out of school every 26 seconds.
 Worldwide, nearly 900 million people cannot read or write.CHILDREN NEED MORE THAN GOOD PHYSICAL CARE. THEY ALSO NEED THE LOVE, ATTENTION AND AN ATTACHMENT FIGURE FROM WHOM THEY DEVELOP A SECURE BASE ON WHICH ALL OTHER RELATIONSHIPS ARE BUILT.Poverty is the number one reason children don’t live with family members. Families often just can’t afford to support another child. We support orphan children to live in the care of their relatives or a family in their community. Our children grow up feeling loved.Beyond The Orphanage’s financial support .Let you make the remaining with extended family possible. Help us pay for rent where needed, as well as food, health and education. This ensures children being fostered don’t feel like they add financial pressure on the family unit. One Outreach can change one's life.Want to help provide support for more orphan children to be cared for in a home-based environment under your provition? Please consider sponsorship.

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