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Mandatory ultrasound screening of all newborns to reduce late diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia (Australia) and implement education to parents of newborns

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At just 12 months old, my daughter’s fragile body is almost entirely covered by plaster. A single ultrasound in the weeks following birth would have revealed her little body wasn’t going to develop normally - but we weren’t informed of the importance of early hip dysplasia detection. Now, my baby’s capacity for full joint recovery is unknown. - Jess

Hip Dysplasia, also known as 'Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)' is a condition that affects the hip joint in babies, young children and some adults.

The reason why we (Bec & Jess) are very passionate about this is because 2 of 4 of our children have been diagnosed with DDH. Our children Oliver and Angelina's cases were detected late.

Oliver’s DDH was detected when he was 4 months old and is currently wearing a hip brace (known as a ‘Denis Browne Bar) 23 hours each day.

Angelina’s DDH was detected when she was 12.5 months old. She had to have surgery (open reduction) which also consisted of bone cutting and grafting (osteotomy) and is now in a plaster cast covering the majority of her little body for 13 weeks. Angelina’s DDH is more serious because of her late diagnosis and the full recovery process is unknown.

Early detection is very important to not only fix abnormalities early, but speed up the recovery process. Costs are also considerably less than that of a late diagnosed case.

We have started an awareness campaign for Hip Dysplasia. It is called “Hip Hip Hooray – Raising awareness for Hip Dysplasia”. You can find us on Facebook.

We believe that there should be mandatory screening (Ultrasound) in place for all newborns, not just those considered to be high risk. The current physical exam can in some cases result in cases going undetected.

Since starting our campaign it has come to our attention that over 80% of people that have contacted us have cases that were detected late, which is alarming in it self.

We feel as though medical professionals need to be more vigilant when examining newborns.

If there was a mandatory screening, such as by ultrasound, the numbers of late diagnosed Hip Dysplasia would decrease immensely!

We also believe that an education program should be implemented for parents. This education program needs to educate new parents about the risk factors of DDH, the common signs and symptoms to look out for, and the importance of early detection. Parents need to be well-informed about Hip Dysplasia, a condition which affects every 1 in 1000 babies.

Please help us, as well as all families across Australia.

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