State Govt Apologize to the people of AndhraPradesh for failing to bring SpecialStatus.

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Title : Apologize to the people of Andhra Pradesh for not bringing Special Status

During the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh both the Central Govt and State govt have promised Special Status to the State of Andhra Pradesh and that was their prime agenda in their manifesto. But Neither the central Govt nor the State govt have kept their promise of bringing special status to Andhra Pradesh. Instead we are given special package which in no terms is similar to Special Status except it carries the name Special in it.

Instead of keeping their promise for not bringing special status the State government has thanked central govt for special package by passing a "Special Thanks Motion"  which is not acceptable for a citizen who has voted thinking we would get special status and we are not satisfied with special package Andhra Pradesh received.

My appeal is that since they failed to keep their promise the State govt should apologize to the people of Andhra Pradesh in the same assembly where they have passed Thanks Motion. An Apology might not bring anything but we as a people have lost in our fight to demand special status, our tolerance and patience is not above Thanking Central Govt. 

I hereby appeal to my fellow citizens please sign up this petition and let this reach AP assembly as the voice of people of Andhra Pradesh and be discussed and an Apology is tendered to the State people.Please spread this petition lets make as many signatures as possible because more the signatures the more pressure we can put on State Govt.

Its not Just a Sorry we are asking. A Governemnt saying sorry to its people is nothing but huge victory of the people and their voice is respected. we lost our respect when we failed to show our protest in vizag so lets win it back.

All we should do is 1000s of people signing up which will create a virtual revolution in social media. This is a virtual and Non Violent protest were the youth of Andhra pradesh have a chance to set a new example on protesting peacefully through social media. As an individual one cannot do anything but together we are, we can bring a change.

Also i am adding election Commissioner to this petition because even after 70 years of independence many political parties are making false promises and announcing freebies and things practically not possible in their manifestos this should stop somewhere and political parties should be legally liable for not fulfilling their promises. Our Trust on political parties is being misused for sake of votes by announcing promises which are practically not possible to implement.

Please share and sign the petition and lets show our protest and see how accountable our state govt is to its people.

Lets show the Voice of youth and how powerful it is.

Thank You,