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Make Our Schools Safe While We Work On A Solution To School Shootings

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The reoccurring themes arising out of school shootings are problems with mental illness and gun control. Neither are going to be solved easy or quickly. We need to go into a rapid response mode as these shootings are not going away on their own. One other concern is that every extremist group with a violent agenda is realizing the vulnerability of our schools as a soft target.

In the meantime, what about the physical safety of students, faculty and staff in our public schools? What is being done to make sure that our schools are safe in the coming weeks and months while these problems are addressed?

Here is an immediate and temporary solution until law makers, school boards and law enforcement can work out a solution to school shootings:

  1. Each State Governor will mobilize Army National Guard assets to secure every public school. A few soldiers, (security details), in rotating shifts with increased presence during high traffic time-frames with be sufficient. Since each school system and school varies in student number and physical facilities, a security solution will be constantly tailored and improved until maximum efficiency is reached. 
  2. Once boots are on the ground, these Army National Guard Soldiers will engage with local law enforcement, first responders and local medical facilities for daily operations and emergency response planning.
  3. Supervisors, (Senior non-commissioned officers and officers), will liaise with school staff to make sure special needs and circumstances are addressed.  

It’s time to do the right thing and put our schools first. Please sign and share this petition and let’s secure our schools now.

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