The Blind Citizens

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"INDIA". This beautiful nation has taken a different turn where we citizens want to escape from out fundamental duties and we claim for fundamental rights. Few days back a 8 month old baby was brutally raped by her 28 year old cousin in Delhi, but this serious issue got buried as if nothing had happened and few days later another similar kind of barbaric act in the open public occurred, where a Delhi University student who filmed a man masturbating right next to her on a crowded DTC bus in the capital of India "New Delhi", and the public was a numb spectator and kept watching it without any retaliation from not even a single citizen present there. The question is Why? Because, We are just confined to show our solidarity in words over social media platform, but when it comes in actual we run away from our duties towards the society. I appreciate and salute the girl who tried her best and came out in public to fight for this cause. Secondly it took 6 long hours for the police to file a complain. Is the system too lame that it took 6 hours to Lodge an FIR in such heinous act against the culprit. What would have been the psychology of the accused man in this case. His morale would have been boosted and had given a strong boost to his fellow psychopath colleagues who will repeat such acts rather more heinous acts than the current one. Would it had been the case in Arab nations, imagine the quantum of punishment and the pace of justice. Within no time the private parts of the accused would have been chopped in public openly and a strong message would have been sent to such psychopaths and parasites in the society not to even think of such acts in future. Why don't our fellow citizens get out of the Shackles of WhatsApp, Facebook, Etc and come forward as society centric citizens with a sense of nationalism and act towards such antisocial activities immediately.
The true Nationalism is not shouting India Pakistan rather it is to inculcate a sense of belongingness towards this country and the fellow countrymen. The nation has given us the identity not to be mere spectators but to be Men and Women of action.
Marching and lighting candles after such acts is nothing but an act of cowardice. Further the judiciary should take the decision in such mentioned cases with immediate and harsh action to maintain the sanctity of justice in society. Because justice delayed is justice denied, which is very prominent.
Here comes into remembrance the preamble of our constitution, WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, and where heavy words like JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND EQUALITY of status are highlighted with the utmost care. Further the 'DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL' has been asserted. The tone of the preamble sets the ethical and legal framework to create an atmosphere in the country where human rights are realized and one can live a dignified life. However, the reality is appalling. Justice is elusive to the majority of the downtrodden and untouchables (inaccessible, long delays laced with corruption, nepotism and politically influenced justice system). Liberty (freedom of expression) is at stake, and Equality, for the poor and hungry masses of the country is a cruel joke. Putting all these three grand words together ultimately brings dignity to a citizen and humanity as whole. On the other hand, denying these rights to citizens render the promises of the Constitution as meaningless, and so does it gives a black spot on the sense of Nationalism. Till when this process will continue, as we being the spectator kind of citizens are the real mobilisers of such acts.
Let's work together as real Nationalists to protect the humanity at large, so that such antisocial mindsets are not born again. Because unless and until we don't follow our Fundamental Duties, we have no right to ask for Fundamental Rights.

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