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Bore Well Drilling Regulation to Reduce Particulate Matter Released in the Environment.

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With the rise in the concrete jungles and ever expanding cities, there are numerous bore wells that are dug quite frequently throughout the year. With the advent of water shortage most households resort to bore wells, however, digging borewells is not regulated and safety standards are not followed. The spewing of fine particulate matter into the environment during the drilling process can pose a great health risk to the surrounding populations. The fine particles are finely ground bedrock which is released into the air we breathe making it extremely harmful for everyone, especially to those with respiratory ailments such as asthma. Unlike the alarming rates of smog in the country, this potential public health issue could be easily and urgently addressed to avoid detrimental effects to both the human body and to the environment. The petition proposes to regulate the drilling process with a recommendation to the government and private construction companies to improve the drilling mechanism and channel and dispose of the waste in an appropriate eco-friendly process.

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