GearHeadsOz - We want to see a legal place to do burnouts in every major city in Aus.

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For far too long, the side of the car community that enjoys burning rubber and getting loose (drifting, burnouts, racing etc), has been shunned by the public! Over the past few years we have lost many venues and events to legally burn rubber. Even just recently, the privately owned Archerfield racetrack has been battling the local council and mayor, against being shut down. That in itself, is going to create MANY more problems, than the local governments think they're solving. Now thousands of people within that area have next to no reasonable choice to go burn rubber and do what they love! But the owner of Archerfield is still having to fight tooth and nail, spend his hard earned money, his time on fighting this from being taken away, not only from himself. But thousands of others aswell.

Not only that, there are many MANY places in Australia, outside of the major cities, that have no where to legally do a burnout unless they overcome the many logistical and financial obstacles to make it to that 1 track that happens to be a 4 hour drive away. Now I don't know about you, but I don't know many people that can afford to do all of that, whilst also maintaining a full time job, family etc etc.

Smokers get smoker bays. Tennis players get tennis courts. Basketball players get basketball courts. Soccer players get soccer fields. It's about time that the burnout and car community is finally thought about. Finally given a place to go, in every major city within Australia. It should not be this hard to do what we love. What we work so hard for, shouldn't be so hard to get to anymore.

We are putting the call out there to all our state governments and local councils to finally see us. And to hear us. The problem of hooning on our public roads, will never subside if you do not give us any other options! So give us options! Open even a small singular skid pad in each major city, funded by one of the thousands of grants handed out each year. Open small venues just for burnouts, create hundreds of jobs for locals, a massive revenue and tax stream for said locals. And I can guarantee the local road crime rate would drop exponentially! Because nobody that has the option to legally do burnouts and have fun in their car at a local track, is going to risk being caught on the street and losing that opportunity. Think about that for a second.

Burnout pad, or public road, burnouts will always happen. Give us affordable/legal places to do them, and only good things would come from it. Don't give us a place to do it all, legally, and the problem will only get worse and more evident. ACT NOW!