School bus services WA. Please reinstate bus service for Capel children attending NMSHS

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School bus services WA have cancelled a bus service leaving students in Capel WA without a bus to high school at Newton Moore SHS.
 I was told school bus services have stopped this bus as there are no longer children attending "specialist" programs Eg science or engineering at Newton Moore on this bus so tough luck to the kids that NEED this bus as transport to their school. 

My children have been catching this bus for close to 3 years! Since they were attending Adam rd primary school and now Newton Moore SHS. They are also not the only children that have now been left without transport to NMSHS and Adam rd primary  after the cancellation of this service.

Children are attending Newton Moore SHS and Adam rd primary with NO bus to catch. Parents are left to drive them too and from Bunbury at their own expense and around work commitments. 

We are now on a waiting list and have been informed they have NO idea when a seat on the NOW,  ONE and only bus may be available as that bus is at capacity. 

It is absolutely ridiculous that the bus is still running but it's route has been changed to not include these children from Capel. 

Please share this petition not only for these children currently affected by this situation but for future High School students in our community.

I encourage everyone to call email etc School Bus Services WA on 93262576 or our local state Government for action on this matter.