Cancel Intermediate Exams(2nd and 4th sem) In Kerala!

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The 1st and 2nd year exams start from june 23 when UGC and the Honorable HRD Minister had told/recommended to cancel the exams. 

1. Portions are not complete.

2. Every student cannot reach the college to attend the exams thus destroying their future.

3. The students are pressured to prepare for the exam at the same time and attend the online classes at the same time.

4. Monsoon has begun and the rain will only increase the chances of being infected.

 5. UGC AND the Honorable HRD minister have recommended to cancel the 1st year and 2nd year exams but the universities in Kerala never listen.

6. The universities don't care about the students' and teachers' lives by conducting exams in a hurry which will lead to so many problems for the students.

7. Online classes are not affordable for every student. 

8. Before even completing the portions of the current sem they are moving on to the next sem.

9. If somehow a student or teacher gets infected then their lives will be at risk because there is no vaccine yet and the universities will not hold any responsibility. 

Hence we kindly request all of you to either postpone the exams from June or cancel it as recommended by the UGC and the Honorable HRD Minister, if not then a lot of students' future will be destroyed.

Instead of conducting exams now we could conduct online classes in June (i.e. if every student has the facility to attend online classes) so the students can focus on completing the portions and start the next sem classes after that, and cancel the exams or conduct it when every student has recovered from their struggles.