Road Safety, State government accountable in public transportation,Government or Schools.

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We all know what happened on 5th Jan 2018 on Indore bypass. 5 students lost their life on spot along with drivers and conductor in an Delhi Public Sschool BusAaccident. I would rather term this as murders of all the kids and persons who lost their life. Yes an anticipated murder by Indore RTO ,State Government and Delhi Public  School. In India we do not have public safety in public transportation or school buses like auto door closing and opening which itself is threatening and anytime anyone can loose his /her life in small accidents.

RTO and State government are not performing their jobs and issuing false certificate to Public And School buses even if they know that the buses are not fit and accidents can happen anytime which brings casualty and deaths so I refer this as a planned murder.

State authority not putting any safety measures in public or school buses as I can see on any other countries I visited like Australia ,South Korea, Lebanon or New Zealand where everyone follow traffic rules and lines. Cameras are installed to track over speed and signal breaking.

All though we as a public are also equally responsible for not following the traffic rules.

I therefore wish to make awareness to all Public, State Government ,RTO's and Schools related to Safety and make everyone accountable.

Else these accidents will keep happening and after few days everyone will forget what happened.We know the root cause and we know the corrective actions and preventive actions we should take but we are not following the same because State Government or even Central is not worried about life's of our children.

Please sign this petition so that at least we raise the voice against the safety on  road and public transportations.

I would need support from all of you to start this .....