Please Don't take hostel Rooms

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Issues in changing hostel rooms to Corona  wards:

1)We had kept many valuable belongings of us, there locked up in hostel rooms.

We had kept our grade certificates,innovation projects,laptops,and some other valuable belongings,that supports our future ,there locked up in hostel.   If  the hostel rooms are taken up  for this purpose ,our valuable belongings will be dumped up into  rooms during which our laptops , grade certificates and some other valuable things may get damaged.

2) Travelling during this pandemic to Chennai to bring back our belongings,is a  life threatening one for students.

To take our belongings we should travel and come back to Chennai ,which is a riskier  thing ,as the cases in Chennai are high  so now. If we reach our hostel we are supposed to see our friends and room mates which is  also  an life threatening one, as we are from different places that has this pandemic effect.we should really be very careful while carrying our belongings back to home.  So  travelling to Chennai and taking back our belongings might cause Corona to us,in some way .We the students, request you not to forcefully take this decision instead we request you to use other possible areas for corona wards