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Rid Melbourne of "jesus bikes"

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The people of, and visitors to Melbourne are being unwillingly subjected to a religious ideology posted throughout the city on 'jesus bikes". These bikes (realistically billboards) steal valuable bike parking spaces from cyclists to display their messages. These messages are unwanted by almost all the people of our city, most find them unpleasant and offensive, others have advised their children find them "traumatic".

The individuals who place these messages in our city, usually work under the cover of darkness, refuse to identify themselves, and have been verbally abusive to people who question their actions.

Unfortunately these individuals are working inside the current law, that was created to service cyclists, not to prevent religious ideologies, or other products being promoted. These "bikes" are currently legal, and as long as the owners keep them technically rideable (they are never used for transportation) and move them around the city, the Melbourne City Council is unable to legally remove them. 

The only long term solution to this issue, is for the Victorian government to legislate to prevent Melbourne's bike spaces being stolen from our cyclists to promote religious ideologies or commercial messages. The purpose of this petition is to show the state government that the vast majority of the people of Melbourne want to be able to enjoy their city, without being exposed to, and having to pay for, offensive ideological or other commercial messages.

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