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Prohibition of alcohol is a complete failure since it was formulated and implemented 50 + years back.

Avaibility of spurious alcohol is rampant, it is available like the way milk is home delivered, additionally there are thousands of Addas where one can go and buy IMFL and country made (chemically laced alcohol) which is causing a health hazard beyond imagination surely and silently as the STATE remains in a state of denial about rampant illegal consumption.

Due to the losses to the state revenue amounting to 1000s of crores dependency on chemical manufacturing has made Gujarat into a chemical dumpyard manufacturing 61% of the chemicals in India. Air and soil pollution is being permanently damaged.  The golden corridor from MEHSANA- VAPI is the worst hit. Just smelling the air speaks volumes on the nightmare which is denied.  GPCC (Gujarat pollution control board) is not in a position to save Gujarat from permanent damages as the 61% of india's chemical production happens in a small belt.

Modern form of discrimination is seen as outsiders visiting Gujarat are issued permits to drink while Gujaratis are subjected to humiliation only because they choose to stay in the state of their birth.

Hiding the open huge flaws on the Implementation of the ban in the times of superfast communication ( mobile/internet/3G/4G) is impossible. 1000s of news reports over the years prove beyond doubt that consumption of spurious alcohol is rampant and a reality.

Victimisation is a reality as it's very easy to criminalise anyone in the name of the BAN.  Decriminalisation is an obvious demand by us. Anyone found intoxicated is due to the lax implementation of the policy which is a state responsibility with its extra ordinary machinery of systems. Consumption itself should not be an offence as the STATE is failing year after year in stopping the inflow of alcohol from Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Daman etc. There is thought that the BAN in Gujarat helps people in other states hence its not only a Gujarat issue.

GUJARAT has one of the worst MALE-FEMALE ratio. The STATE of Gujarat on one side says "women are safe because of Prohibition" on the other side the environment speaks a different reality.

Due to the BAN the entertainment, tourist industry is underdeveloped; films, Tourism, IT has a huge scope inviting 1000s of crores of investment if the STATE chooses to assess the losses due to this weird ban on alcohol consumption. Absence of a night life is instrumental in making Gujarat one of the most boring places for many. Increasing the TRP on TV is one of the side effects wherein the territorial rights for movies are the highest. Community interaction is restricted which in itself is a bad idea for a democracy.

Additional taxing on petrol, corporation tax, electricity and any source which is unavoidable becomes very heavy as there are closed or miniscule  alternative taxing sectors to generate revenue for the state causing an unwanted burden on the people of gujarat especially the common man and the poor. The net debt of Gujarat is 2 lacs crores as per newspaper reports which is ridiculous as the STATE is burdening itself with unnecessary debt.

Rehabilitation of alcoholics is impossible as there is a denial of consumption in the first place. Tobacco consumption causing cancer is rampant in the form of smoking or chewing. As per newspaper reports 25% + of the gujaratis consume the same, which is allowed and one of the reasons given is years of traditional farming and consumption.

IMMIGRATION causing a systemic brain drain is a reality. VILLAGES  & CITIES have many successful businesses thriving on sending youngsters abroad to places where prohibition is non existent. WHY?? opportunities are limited and lax.

VILLAGES in gujarat have  illegal country made liquor addas. The alcohol made is from chemical fertilisers and different kinds of poisons, natural toddy is a distant dream as helter-skelter skelter cutting has happened to implement the BAN. They drink chemicals in the name of alcohol. 

It has been observed that the poor and the middle class are at the receiving end of this Ban negatively. A survey  of the people put behind bars for consumption of illegal alcohol tells a clear story . The ban in fact is in place to benefit them the most but they are at the biggest loss. Restrictive employment opportunities is the BIGGEST concern. 

The STATE is in a denial mode of lax implementation of the Ban. Due to this any independent committee report is absent and if existing then they have not been made public. An independent committee can prove beyond reasonable doubt that availability of illegal and/or spurious alcohol is as easy as getting milk.

A series of public debate between the STATE and us(the people) where the citizens of Gujarat, citizens of India will throw a 360 degrees point of view on the ills of prohibition of alcohol then the benefits in the 21st century in a democratic environment.

There is an existent real environment of 'FEAR'  that the corrupt in the system who are benefiting from the BAN will victimise innocent citizens who question the logic behind the BAN. This is by far the biggest threat ever seen or witnessed to DEMOCRACY.

A PUBLIC DEBATE or a series of public debates will educate the people on the reality getting solutions from facts and figures makes more sense then a one sided blast of information from the STATE using the name of Mahatma Gandhi to push the idea of a ' DRY STATE'. 

As per our interaction with many police personnel the salaries are less  , modernisation is lax , number of working hours is beyond acceptable human limits. It gets worse as they are at the forefront taking the blame day in and day out on lax implementation of this policy. An independent committee can prove that Gujarat police is at the receiving negative end because of this policy. Respect for the police is only out of fear, hence the distance between the police and the majority population is huge filled with doubts and negativity. For a stable society this is a looming threat. 

We humbly request for a series of public debates to get the real picture of GUJARAT' S experiment with Prohibition of alcohol since 50+ years.

The robbing of a few in broad day light has to stop. Debating is the way forward.

ORGANISING A COUPLE OF PUBLIC DEBATES is a miniscule expense to get the TRUTH out and to prove beyond reasonable doubt that PROHIBITION of alcohol is the BIGGEST POLICY FAILURE witnessed in independent India. THE STATE with all the power given to it should not shy but go forward with these public debates which will only help everyone to find solutions instead of living in a state of denial.

I am a Gujarati and it pains me to be subjected to humiliation when I am discriminated and with others I demand a series of public debates to find solutions to a problem which has been put under a carpet.


I hereby authorise Rajiv Piyush Patel and/or the group 'WE DO NOT NEED PROHIBITION IN GUJARAT' on FACEBOOK to represent me before the STATE and/or any court of law in India.

Give me my fundamental right to choose equal to other citizens in my country.




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