Let the Food Delivery Apps Stay!

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It has only been a while since we have all received the luxury of ordering food online in Kerala. Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, Food Panda and more have only made our lives easier. I have been in situations where getting out of college was next to impossible because of the workload and these apps have been a saviour! 

Ordering directly from restaurants has always been a tough task, calling them, placing an order which cannot be cancelled or changed later and having to carry cash around, I don't think anyone of us is ready to go back to that time again. Times change and we need to move accordingly. 

This petition has been created so that the restaurants can listen to our needs, we need them (food delivery apps) as much as we need you (restaurants).  If enough of us get together and sign this petition then RESTAURANTS will LISTEN! 

Let's start now! Please do the sign and share my petition as it is for both you and me!