Keep more than 2 trucks on private property in rural area

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We recently purchased 2.5 acres and own a small family business where we have 6 trucks and are currently being forced to park them external to our own property due to a council requirement that only two trucks are to be parked on a private property. 

We can not afford to purchase industrial land to park our trucks on as it is too expensive and thought that we would be allowed to park our trucks in our yard. This has not been the case. Whilst other people park multiple trucks and all different kinds of equipment on their property we have been made an example of due to one Neighbour that did not like to see our trucks in our yard...our trucks do not start before 7am and are all in before 6pm. They are all under the noise restriction and not a nuisance to any of our surrounding community members that we have approached.

We were operating our trucks for almost 6 months before the council approached us and we would like your support in signing this petition in the hopes to be able to ark our trucks on our own property.