State Government: Do not locate a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility in Eden Hill

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The Pyrton site at 60 Lord St, Eden Hill is a idyllic 35 hectare site on the beautiful Swan River.  

On June 24 2013, The West Australian Newspaper revealed the Government’s plans to possibly build a drug rehabilitation facility at Pyrton. Mental Health Minister, Helen Morton, confirmed the Government was considering a Lord Street site for a rehabilitation centre. She said Pyrton Reserve in Eden Hill was identified through a consultation process last year. "The Drug and Alcohol Office was then asked by the consultation group to determine the availability and suitability of the Eden Hill site and to explore other possible site options that might inform development of a business case," she said. The centre would accommodate up to 30 people trying to overcome alcohol and drug use, including singles, couples and families.

This news comes on the back of the announcement on 12th of June 2013 that the Disability Services Minister, Helen Morton, planned to locate two Disabilty Justice Centres (prisons) in Lockridge and Kiara. One of the proposed centres would be directly next door to the Drug and Alcohol Facility. All THREE facilites will be located within a few kilometres of each other.

Pyrton itself is recognised as being part of a registered site under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 and the significance of the site being home to the Waugul is well documented. On 5 June, 2012 the Governement announced a plan to set aside 235-hectares of land bordering Bennett Brook for a place of reconciliation the designated area would cover the the 35-hectare former Pyrton site and the former Swan Valley Nyungah Community Camp Site.

This idyllic area on the Swan River should be preserved for decades to come and not used as a short term, four year, Government inspired fix.

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