Council to address The Entrance Channel and possibly re open the Northern Channel

Council to address The Entrance Channel and possibly re open the Northern Channel

4 December 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelly Furey

150 years of development has changed the Tuggerah Lakes system, the Northern opening (some dispute as to if this existed?) to the sea was closed possibly to facilitate transport links, this itself would have changed the tidal interchange that flushed the system. In addition development has contributed to sedimentation and pollution of the once pristine Lakes system.

The historic management of the Lakes by Council and State bureaucracy has centered on a “non interventionist” approach of letting nature take its course, but the issues that afflict the Lakes are not natural.

This failed ideology must be challenged, the Tuggerah Lakes Management Plan has run for 9 years and has received very significant levels of funding that have been expended on “touch up” and “band aid” strategies at the expense of systematic improvement. The Lakes have continued to deteriorate.


Would the community support a “bottom up” approach to the Lakes management that set out to reconstruct the Lakes system in to a functioning mechanism? Address The Entrance channel and possibly re open the Northern channel?

These works would cost many tens of millions of dollars - but Council has spent tens of millions given it by Federal and State government ( of both political persuasions ) and achieved very little. Funding is not the issue, it never has been.

Once the tidal water exchange is re established then introduce a long term dredging program to improve water exchange throughout the Lakes and improve navigation and tourism opportunities.

Dredging would produce significant volumes of spoil - why not create a few islands in the lakes that could become bird breeding sanctuaries, protected from feral animals.

We don’t propose that this is “the” solution, but to continue to expend millions on a failed strategy is senseless and wasteful.

THE ENTRANCE BOATSHED is one of the local businesses affected by the IDEOLOGY. Toni one of the owners has put her best foot forward and started the ball rolling. 

We as a community need to stand together and save our once pristine Tuggerah Lakes. 

What do residents think?

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Signatures: 1,302Next goal: 1,500
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