Free my medicine. Legalize cannabis!

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The only reason Cannabis was declared illegal and classified as a schedule 1 drug was so that alcohol and tobacco companies could profit off of it. They know individuals would choose the much healthier and natural plant over it if given the chance. Too bad it's not available. 

In reality, cannabis is a natural medicine that has been growing freely for years around the world and has tons of medical benefits. Moreover, it has been used in the Indian ayurvedic medical era for as long as you can remember. 

CBD's effects (a compound found in hemp and marijuana) have been found to cure everything from stress to seizures in children all the way to reduced chances of cancer.

For crying out loud, there isn't a single danger caused and recorded by marijuana consumption. Let's see how those numbers compete when compared with cigarettes and alcohol. It's almost a joke! 

The most ironic thing ever is that the most dangerous part about cannabis in today's society is its possession!

Then why do harmful substances like alcohol and cigarettes get to live free damaging our society as a whole whereas such a beautiful and import medicine stays behind the bars?

Sign this petition now to make a difference in our society. As humans, we all should have our rights towards this natural plant!