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Stop discriminating against legally married same sex couples and allow them to combine insurance policies.

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My husband, Matt, and I are graduate students.  We live in Michigan, and have been customers of State Farm Insurance Company for many, many years. We were married in Hawaii in December, 2013. Upon returning to Michigan, and settling into married life we decided to have our auto and homeowner's insurance policies combined into one account. Our insurance company, State Farm Insurance, said that it was illegal in the state of Michigan for them to recognize our marriage from Hawaii! Michigan does still have a ban on same sex marriage, however, that does not make it illegal for private companies to recognize such marriages. In fact, Allstate Insurance and Geico willingly recognize legal same sex marriages from states where it is legal for people who reside in Michigan. It seems like a "good neighbor" would be happy for us. I've discussed the issue with many people at State Farm Insurance. They insist it is illegal for them to recognize our marriage, yet other insurance companies readily recognize our marriage.


We would like State Farm Insurance to live up to their “Like a Good Neighbor” motto and respect us and allow us to combine our insurance policies into one account as any heterosexual married couple is able to do. It is clearly not against the law for State Farm to do so. 


If State Farm Insurance Company fails to recognize our legal marriage, along with those of other customers in same sex marriages, it will confirm that State Farm discriminates against people for who they love and have made a commitment to live a life together. 


State Farm Insurance is discriminating against my husband and myself, along with all the other same sex couples that are their customers, by not recognizing our legal marriages.


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