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State Farm Fire & Casualty Company: Stop Judgement of $160,000.00 against Veteran Daniel Hernandez

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This came about due to a rental house fire at property that Daniel (a Veteran) and
family rented. The cause was an accident and not negligence as State
Farm claims. Daniel had just received his motor bike back from repair
shop and was in the garage looking at bike. He noticed that they had
failed to put air cleaner back on bike and proceeded to put it on bike
as the shop was going to be closed for weekend. While trying to
connect the air cleaner, he touched a fuel line that had not been
tightened correctly at the shop. Gas begun to spill on floor of garage
so he started to move bike out of garage when a spark ignited and soon
the garage was engulfed in flames. Since it was an attached garage the
house was soon in flames also. This was purely an accident and not
intentional nor carelessness on Daniels part, but no matter what State
Farm is trying to come after him to get $160,000.00 and from a 65 year
old Veteran who's income is Social Security! I am asking everyone to help with this
petition; First, is that not why we pay such high insurance to begin
with? To cover any accident that may happen to our property? Second:
Insurance companies have to prove that there was intent that he
purposely started this fire. And that they have NOT DONE! Third:
Daniel will have this burden of an unjust judgment hanging over him
for a very very long time and that in itself will be very stressful. 


By signing this petition it will help substantially in getting this lawsuit retracted. Thank you.

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