Reuse of educational books, central governance,fixed curriculum - save national resources.

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Education is a fundamental right of every individual across the globe. But its commercialization across the globe has sealed the border of education and students those who aspire to get education have to gather multiple resources.

Many countries across the globe are fighting against it by giving the subsidies, grants and free books in govt. aided schools.but they don't collect old books even their is no change in books.Every year new books are pushed  to schools.

Private schools are independent to choose the books for use in their schools and in general for primary sections, from nursery to class 6th there is no central governance and schools choose to change publishers and books every year leading to wastage of book sets used by previous year students. Thus books life is one year by design in both Private and Public schools in most of the cases.

My appeal to all state government bodies and education ministers to direct all private and public schools to stop this practice of printing new books every year for thousands of students and wasting old printed books.

Govt. aided schools and private schools to collect all old books from old students and allocate them to new students.Make a centralised body and invite private schools to help in book design & publishing.  Minor and major corrections / amendments to be published as supplements and to be circulated.

What we will achieve out of this?

Books life can be increased By 5-7 years at-least.

Will help our nations to stop overspending on education.

Reduce the carbon footprint of states and countries.