Declare all school fees before taking admission

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As parents of students studying various private schools across the state, we are alarmed by the sustained negative news that have been appearing in various news channels and newspapers concerning parents’ agitation against paying school fees.

It is disconcerting to note the sustained lopsided reporting of these activities with just one sides’ view whereas no one is taking the trouble present a balanced view on a matter that concerns the future education of our children. 

Thus, as concerned parents we have come together to create this petition to present our views, as no one else seems to want to highlight and voice our concerns on the matter.

We would like to state the following:

1)   While it is left unsaid, most parents enroll their children into private schools for a good quality education even though government run schools provide education for free or at highly subsidised fees.

2)   It is an undeniable fact that to provide an education of high standards requires good teachers, good quality support infrastructure and services. It is also an undeniable fact that good teachers, infrastructure and support services require financial investment in these critical areas and cannot be had for mere pittance or for free.

3)   Therefore, we as concerned parents are alarmed by many of the proposals being made to curtail school fees as reported in the news daily. We feel that many of these proposals are detrimental to the long-term health of school, which will ultimately affect the quality of education being imparted to our children.

4)   As parents, even we are concerned with increase in fees and do give a thought about where the education of our children and youth is headed. However, that certainly does not mean that fees should be a mere pittance. 

5)   As mentioned above, good quality education requires considerable investment in good teachers and resources and such investment is not possible without charging fees required to pay good salaries for such teachers and resources.

6)   As parents, it is our constitutional right to have a choice in what quality of education to provide our children and decide if we want to pay higher fees for the said quality. No one has the right to curtail our right to this choice.  Thus, a full and complete disclosure of all fees to be charged by a school management done before a parent takes admission in a school is the need of the hour today. This will allow a parent to take an informed decision on matter.

Therefore, as parents we would like to declare that as long as all school fees to be charged are declared in fair and transparent manner before a parent takes admission in a school, it is an acceptable solution to the whole issue at hand.