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My updates are not saving for some reason so I and submitting the update in this manner. September 17th we were ordered to turn over baby to the petitioner (NOT the biological father) and the unethical family/attorney are now claiming mom is unfit...no evidence and are trying to take away the baby.  The second attorney withdrew September 21st, the same day we receive an email showing an emergency hearing occurred and a restraining order placed on the mother. WOW! Now remember we have gone through 2 attorneys since May 22, 2018 and have tried on many occasions to get this case DISMISSED using DNA evidence since JULY 19, 2018!  Additional research has unraveled the reason the petitioner can take drugs, lie and KEEP a baby that is NOT his and threaten the BIOLOGICAL father to stay out of the case... the petitioners attorney is using NEPOTISM to win her cases; using daddy's name and JUDICIAL POWER!  October 2, 2018 a hearing is scheduled to begin the process of taking the baby from mom, she has DONE NOTHING WRONG but REFUSED TO RETURN HER BABY TO THIS FAMILY, yet they THREATEN HER WITH PRISON! YES PRISON 18 months! We need HELP! WE NEED AN ATTORNEY WILLING TO HELP MY DAUGHTER KEEP HER BABY, OUR BABY! MY BLOOD! THE JUSTICE SYSTEM HAS BEEN SO UNFAIR... and we keep running into cement walls!

Contact: Congressman Louie Gohmert- https://gohmert.house.gov/contact/

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I am requesting the removal of Judge Randall Rogers of the Smith County Court At Law 2  (Tyler, TX) due to abuse of power. Judge Rogers has been presiding over a child custody court case since May 2018; the case originated due to erroneous allegations of child endangerment and drug use. Evidence on behalf of the mother has been presented to the court that validates NO drug use or danger to the child.  The petitioner after admitting using drugs was given primary custody and ordered to take 3 monthly drug tests. The judge has refused to acknowledge any of the mothers evidence and resets the case each time to avoid evidence acknowledgment. This case has been RESET SIX times, we drive 916 miles round trip from Wichita, KS to Tyler, TX each time to sit and await a conclusion to only have the case reset. New evidence was submitted to the court July 25, 2018 to have the case dismissed, DNA evidence verifies the petitioner is NOT the biological father and according to Texas law paternity is not a factor for the petitioner; the couple was not married and did not live together the entire two years of the child's life (child is 22 months).

  The motion to dismiss the case due to DNA was scheduled July 30, 2018 and the judge DEMANDED the respondent be present or he would NOT hear the evidence, the case was reset to July 31, 2018. My daughter was to appear July 31, 2018 at 10 am for the motion to dismiss, the judge again REFUSED to hear the evidence and reset the case to August 27, 2018. My daughter is a victim of not only the petitioners nefarious allegations but the abuse of power from the judge; due to the inability to appear via phone and forced to travel 916 miles round trip. This case has cost our family an exorbitant amount of money for attorney fees, travel and now the loss of her job. I am asking for assistance to spread the word to STOP the ABUSE of POWER by Judge Randall Rogers and stipulate he rule in a FAIR/LAWFUL manner.

Thank you.

email: nmoran@smith-county.com

Subject: Justice for Nyla


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