Petition Closed

The frog leg trade leads to the release of disease and invasive species decreasing and threatening frog survival. A third of all frog species have gone extinct since 1979. The health of amphibian populations has a direct result on the quality of human life. Frogs eat disease carrying insects and ticks. Some species have unique characteristics studied by medical facilities to create or improve medications and treatments. They are an important part of the food chain, and removing them effects all species including ourselves. 

Letter to
Director of Ballpark Operations Dan Petrazzolo
Stop Frog Cruelty! No Frog Legs Sold in the Stands
Selling frog legs as a novelty or promotional gimmick is a disgrace. Frogs are an important part of our global ecosystem and their survival is important to the continued health of our planet. The frog leg trade is highly unregulated which allows for the spread of disease to both frogs and humans alike. The selling of frogs for use as food has led to the release of invasive frog species which prey on native species leading to their extinction. Pennsylvania is not a state in which frog legs are widely eaten, and people have already commented on not wanting to eat them at the Duck Dynasty event on July 26th. Therefore, to eliminate the unnecessary death of these creatures, frog legs should not be sold at the game. I encourage you to end this "Duck Dynasty themed" practice.a