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Petitioning State College Borough Council and Mayor Goreham

State College Borough Council: Postpone Vote on High-Rise Buildings

We the undersigned are opposed to passage of the current version of the Downtown Master Plan for the Borough of State College. 


We object specifically to:

--zoning that permits14-story buildings for Downtown and 7-story buildings for the West End,

--the incorporation of the West End, historically part of the Holmes-Foster Neighborhood, into the Downtown Master Plan, and

--the lack of comprehensive impact assessments of the proposed changes.


We are concerned that these objections, raised in previous public meetings, have been overlooked in the planning process.  


We are also opposed to current proposed changes that relax the requirements for developers who wish to build high-rise “Signature Development” buildings. 


We request that Borough officials: 

--postpone the vote on this version of the Downtown Master Plan and on changes to other high-rise building requirements, 

--give the public more time to respond to the current Master Plan draft, released this summer, 

--conduct impact studies of the proposed increases in population density, and 

--actively seek more public input on these and other elements of the plan that they know to be controversial. 

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  • State College Borough Council and Mayor Goreham

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