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Amy Sullivan started this petition to State Bureau of Investigation and

Judge Christine Walczyk of the Wake County Courts in Raleigh, NC needs to be impeached and removed from office as a Judge for her abuse of power, violation of due process, violation of the Constitution, putting an order in place with her campaign treasurer's name on the order as the lawyer in the case and having connections to a lawyer that she allowed to present cases in her Court.

1. Judge Christine Walczyk put in place an Order that had her campaign treasurer's name (Attorney Evonne Hopkins) on the Order as the attorney in the case and Judge Walczyk put that Order in place with her campaign treasurer's name on the Order even though Walczyk is forbidden from handling any matters involving her campaign treasurer.

2. Walczyk has violated the Constitutional rights of a litigant when she told the litigant that Walczyk sarcastically told the pro se litigant that she (Walczyk) is "exhausted" listening to her present her case.

3. Judge Walczyk stated "laughed at" as Walczyk mocked the pro se litigant trying to present her case.

4. Walczyk was presented with evidence that a lawyer in the case had filed a false motion with lies in the motion against the litigant, which forced the litigant to go to court, under the threat of arrest. When the lawyer admitted in the court that she did have false statements against the litigant in the motion, Walczyk just laughed and smiled at her and gave the lawyer no reprimand. Walcyzk then gave the lawyer more authority in the case and made the litigant pay the lawyer (in her role as PC in the case) a large sum of money to the lawyer for filing the false motion against the litigant. Judge Walczyk's actions are criminal violations of Article 30 - Obstructing Justice - N.C. Gen. Stat. §14-221.2 "entering unauthorized judgments" & §14-100 "Obtaining property by false pretenses" to unlawfully obtain money from the litigant. On a Facebook page, it was then found that there is a picture of Walczyk smiling and attending an event with this same lawyer in which she is smiling in the picture next to the lawyer. This is corruption by Judge Christine Walczyk. Walczyk was required to reprimand the lawyer who illegally took the money from the litigant. Instead, Walczyk ignored the lawyer's criminal behavior, rewarded the lawyer for her criminal behavior, and then went and attended an event with the lawyer, where alcohol was served at the event.  These actiosn by Judge Walczyk disgrace the judiciary. 

5. Friend and colleague of Judge Walczyk, Judge Michael Denning, was previously removed from the case for his corruption in the case. When Walczyk was assigned to the case, she began to enact revenge against the litigant because the litigant proved the racism and corruption of Walczyk's friend and fellow Judge, Judge Michael Denning. The following link descrbes a news story about what Judge Michael Denning did: 

Walczyk would frequently bring up Judge Denning to the litigant. The litigant stood up against the racism of Judge Michael Denning and his corruption and because the litigant did, Judge Walczyk illegally kept punishing her for it. The courts need to be a place of equality where Judges CANNOT BE ALLOWED to make racist comments yet Judge Denning made a racist comment during a court hearing and NO ONE in court authority even had a hearing against him for his racism. The litigant in the case stood up against his racism and Walczyk (friend of Denning) started to abuse her power as as Judge to abuse the litigant in the case as Walczyk showed extreme bias in favor of the Plaintiff in the case. 

6. Througout the litigation in the case, Walczyk tried several methods to unlawfully incarcarate and cause damage to the litigant in the case. Walczyk lied about what a witness stated regarding the litigant in the case and the witness testified right before Walcyzk yet Walczyk tried to lie about what he stated and tried to make his testimony negative against the litigant when he did not have a testimony negative against the litigant, yet Walczyk lied directly about the witnesses statements. 

7. Judge Christine Walczyk did business with Peter Graber, whom is the husband of Attorney Erin Graber, whom presents cases in Walczyk's court. Walczyk paid money to Graber for him to do work for her regarding her campaign as shown by the NCSBE campaign records. Yet, Walczyk has allowed Erin Graber to continue to present cases in her court even though Erin Graber's family has had financial gain to them when Walczyk paid Peter Graber to prepare her campaign website. There is a clear conflict of interest as Walczyk is forbidden to have cases heard in her court if it is conveying to the public that it looks like the lawyer is in a special position to influence the Judge. Both Erin Graber and Peter Graber have liked posts on Walczyk's Facebook and Peter Graber currently has on his website information about the work that he did for Judge Walczyk. Walczyk disgraces the judiciary. 

8. Walczyk has committed multiple crimes in the McDade case. 

9. On multiple occasions, the Plaintiff in the case would intentionally and wilfully file false motions to the court. When Plaintiff got to the court, the Defendant proved that the motion was filled with lies. Yet, Walczyk ignored all of the facts and over and over again gave the Plaintiff whatever he asked her for. While doing that, Walczyk would continue to bring up Judge Denning to the Defendant. Denning was removed off of the Defendant's case because of his corruption and Denning's racist comment during the case. Yet because Walczyk is his friend and colleague, Walczyk continued to enact illegal revenge through her abuse of power to the litigant. 

10. Walczyk illegally forced the litigant to attend multiple court hearings based on false facts. Walczyk wrongfully and illegally used her authority as a Judge to abuse the litigant and the litigant's family for a very long time. 

11. Finally after ALL OF THE ABUSE, Walczyk was not allowed to handle the case anymore but THE ABUSE WAS ALREADY DONE and the litigant is still forced to follow the corrupt Order of Judge Walczyk. Walczyk should face criminal charges for what she did to the Defendant in the McDade case. 

12. Judge Debra Sasser, Chief District Court Judge in the Wake Courts Courts, Raleigh, NC recently promoted Judge Christine Walczyk to Chief Lead Judge in the Civil Court. This Judge Debra Sasser, before she was a Judge, was the attorney in a case where Sasser represented Jerry Spivey and Spivey used to be a District Attorney but he was fired because Spivey called an African American man the n-word. Spivey's disgusting behavior got him fired. Yet, Sasser chose to represent Spivey in an appeal to the Supreme Court and Sasser tried to get Spivey's job back for him and part of Sasser's argument was that Spivey did nothing wrong because Sasser argued that the n-word should be free speech. This is how disgusting Judge Debra Sasser is so it is no surprise that Sasser would promote Walczyk to a position in the Court. Judge Debra Sasser is currently Chief District Court Judge in the Wake County Courts in Raleigh, NC and she also should be impeached by those in legal authority as a Judge for her disturbing and racist views. This is the link to the case discussing what Sasser did. As shown on the link, Sasser's name (Debra Smith Sasser is listed as the attorney representing Spivey and Spivey was the DA who called an African American man the n-word and Sasser tried to get him his job back as DA and Sasser argued as shown in the document Sasser wanted the n word to be free speech.

13. Also of concern is that District Attorney Nancy (Lorrin) Freeman posted on Freeman's campaign Facebook page a picture of Walcyzk and Evonne Hopkins as Freeman's campaign event. It seems as Freeman is a supporter of Walczyk as there is a picture on Walczyk's Facebook of Freeman attending an event in support of Walczyk. Yet, Freeman, as District Attorney, should be investigating Walczyk's criminal behavior yet that did not happen. There is a conflict of interest in Freeman even handling the investigation because of her connections to Walczyk. Superior Court Judge Allegra Collins is also a supporter of Walczyk. The Wake County Courts, through specific Judges, has corruption occuring as Judges are friends with each other and certain Judges are friends with attorneys that they allow to present cases in their court. 

14. Walczyk violated the Constitutional rights of the litigant as she had a hearing take place in violation of the law and put back in place the Order of Judge Michael Denning when Denning was already removed off of the case because of his corruption in the case as he had strong personal and professional connections to the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff's friends and family. Yet, because of Walczyk's corruption and her loyalty to Denning, she abused the the litigant and violated the law by putting Judge Denning's Order back in place after his Order was removed and he was removed from the case because of his corruption. Judge Walczyk should face criminal charges for what she has done in the McDade case. The litigant's due process rights were violated as the hearing was not even about putting an Order in place yet Walczyk violated that and to show her loyalty to Denning, Walczyk illegally put back in place Denning's order which was removed as he was removed from the case because of his corruption in the case.

15. Taxpayer money pays the salary of Judges. Judge Christine Walczyk has violated the Constitution and abused a litigant in the Court. Walczyk has illegally used her authority as a Judge to illegally punish the litigant for standing up against Judge Denning's racism and corruption. Walczyk has committed crimes in the McDade case.

16. Judge Walczyk needs to be immediately removed from office by those in court authority and impeached so that she cannot continue to destroy the lives of people as Walczyk does that through her illegal abuse of power as a judge. She does not follow court rules and she does not follow the Constitution. As previously written in this post, Walczyk told a pro se litigant that Walczyk is "exhausted" listening to her present her case and Walczyk stated "laughed at" when the litigant was trying to present her case. Walczyk is a disgrace to the judiciary and the public needs to have Judges in the court that are fair and unbiased as each litigant has the Constitutional right to have their case heard by a fair and unbiased Judge that follows the Constitution.

17. Walczyk behaves as a criminal in the Court and I believe she feels that she can do this because of her connections to others in the Judicial System with court authority. This must stop and Walczyk is requred to be held legally accountable for her criminal behavior. There needs to be equality and fairness in the courts. Walczyk used her court authority to intentionally and wilfully abuse the litigant and after the litigant SUFFERED so much because of Walcyzk and the litigant fought so legally hard against Walcyk, then FINALLY Walczyk doesn't handle the case. That is not how the judicial system should work. The suffering that the litigant endured because of Walczyk's criminal actions as a judge is almost indescribable.

Walczyk is not above the law and the court system needs to stop being a place of corruption where judges cover up the wrongdoing of each other. The DA Freeman should not be putting on her campaign website a picture of Walczyk and Walczyk's treasurer as Freeman was bragging how they supported her. Yet Walczyk violated the law regarding a case involving Walczyk's treasurer (Attorney Evonne Hopkins) and that is how Freeman handles that matter. Disgraceful. 

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