Ban Sri Chaitanya and Narayana

Ban Sri Chaitanya and Narayana

8 November 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lily K

How well do you think a person can function with maybe 3-5 hours of sleep, stress, pressure, fear, expectations and heavy competition? 

Not really well, right?

These institutions are Hell wrapped up into a gift box, covered with the promise of good ranks. 

Students suffer every single day due to the inhumane hours, pressure put by everyone and the teachers belittling them if their performance isn't to their satisfaction. 

Students have given up on their lives, not able to take it anymore. Now tell me, without a student how will you get a rank? Is it worth it? Is suffering in this Hell worth it? 

It isn't. Trust me. 

If you're a parent who's considering that these institutes ar good for you child, I urge you to change your mind. 

If you're a student who thinks that this is a good choice, it really isn't. Trust me. 

If you don't believe me and still insist, that's completely your wish. However, it isn't a lie when I say that these institutes will affect the student one way or the other. 

I've studied there. I've lived in that hostel. The hygiene is practically non-existent. The teachers don't care. They're so obviously biased and treat "bad" students terribly. It makes me sick. 

Personally I haven't even stayed there for a long time but my anxiety was off the rocker and I was terrified. My mind was in a dark place and it didn't help that these people didn't "believe in depression for students" as if they were asked about the existence of aliens. Utter crap. 

My friends were in a worse place since they had to stay for a longer period of time than me. Thankfully my parents let me leave that hell, but my friends were stuck there. It took a toll on them severely. 

One of them stopped eating meals due to the stress and anxiety. They lost a lot of weight and were extremely depressed. They had no hope in life, and they were one of the warmest and kind person ever. 

THATS what happens when you go there. It wrecks you. 

People cough into that food and serve the students. Basic hygiene? Proper health guidelines followed? Not in here. You'll get sick due to it, no doubt. However, if you complain, you'll face consequences. They'll make it their sole aim to ruin your life for even thinking of complaining.  

Their teaching methods are less than ideal, half of them don't know what they're doing, BUT they expect you to be prepared and do well. If not, get ready to hear from the principal who otherwise never shows up. 

This place is running on the money that's hard earned, dreams of these naive students and a nonsensical time schedule that will ruin you. They will degrade you until you are nothing and force you to study until you turn into mindless zombies. 

The mental health will deteriorate at a rapid pace and soon the student is nothing but a shell of their older self. Of course, not everyone goes through it, but you know most of them are suffering. These are poisonous institutes just ruining people's lives for money in their pocket. 

Help us in the process of trying to change these inhumane hours. Help us make them understand that we will not stand to this torture. Please sign this petition. 

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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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