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Disbar Unethical and Sexually Abusive Lawyers Who Harm Children & Families

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No, you are not crazy ! Yes, the family law attorneys are violating Antitrust laws to steal your money, your children and your dignity.

Divorce lawyers are making millions off our children , our homes and our retirement, where they steal all the money by dragging divorce cases out 7-10 years.

None of this is good for children. Lifetimes of savings and investments are being destroyed by greedy unethical lawyers. This must stop.

Children are being taken from parents for no reason other than money.  Real Domestic Violence is being concealed while false DV claims fill the new family law landscape, making more money for lawyers and harming more innocent lives.

Most alarming is how lawyers in divorce and custody cases use forensic psychologists, custody evaluators  and CPAs to send children to live with known pedophiles, rapists and sexual abusers, where protective parents are silenced with under representation and lack of fee awards and access to community property.

Divorce  lawyers profiting by  onverting community property estates and obtaining awarded the highest fee awards in the legal community as they lie, cheat, help clients hide money, get parents out of supporting their children, make  false claims of domestic violence, mental illness  and have spouses declared vexatious in family law cases.  

Innocent parents are being kept from their children and Judges are allowing unethical and crooked lawyers to harm too many families.

We are listing lawyers, by California County, and asking the Bar to discipline lawyers who have caused so much harm to innocent children.  Please add the names of any lawyers you want to be investigated and disbarred when you sign this petition. We will take it to the State Bar, the counties and the Commission on Judicial Performance.

We won't stop until every crooked lawyer is flushed out of our family courts.

Alameda County: Dominic Porrino

Contra Costa County: Stacey Stevens, Daniel Cantrell, Paula Grohs, Daniel Cantrell, Merritt Weisinger, Bonnie Johnson, Christina Currington, Judith Lawrence

Marin County: Jennifer Ani, Kelly Reiter

Monterey County:  Debra Crawford Annis, William Crawford, Katherine Dorset,

Napa County:  Bob Blevans, Nancy Perkovich

Orange County: Tom Tuttle, David Weinberg, Michael Morris

Sacramento: Nancy Perkovich, Paula Salinger, Diana Richmond

San Francisco: Diana Richmond, Victoria Henley,

San Mateo: Steve Wagstaffe, Brad Baugh, Stephen Montalvo, Christina Samuels, Robert Bruening, Stajonne Mialocq

Santa Clara County: Bradford Baugh, Richard Roggia, Michael Reedy, Valerie Tarvin, Nat Hales, Robert Menache, Natalie Daprile,  Walter Hammon, Lynne Yates- Carter, Jennifer Mello, James McManis, Donelle  Morgan, Rebekah Frye, Valerie Houghton, Travis Krepelka, Hector Moreno, Marilyn Moreno, Heather Allan, Carrie Helwick, Heather Smith, Nicole Ford, Elise Mitchell, Mark Erickson, Matt Erickson, Kathryn Schlepphorst, Dennis Luca,  and Lisa Herrick

Solano County: Rhonda Chandler, Tara Rojas, Justin Kirk, Cathleen Mc Carver 

Lawyers at the Bar Not Doing Their Job to Protect the Public: Sherrie McLetchie, Vanessa Holton, Suzanne Grant, Gregory Dresser, Robert Hawley...Got one that ignored your complaint? Sign and add it in comments!

Big Firms: Hoge, Fenton: McManis Faulkner : Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati, Seastrom and Seastrom , Minyard and Morris,

Please add your name in support of removing these bad lawyers. Don't forget to add your state and county and the judge who let them get away with it.

Got Attorney Bills? Want to nominate a California Attorney to be added to the list? Name and Show,  so the World can see what these monsters are charging to get people divorced:


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