Give People a Fair Chance to Rebuild their Lives by Expunging and Clearing their Records.

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Lauren Kruz
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Decades of overcriminalization and mass incarceration has left 77 million people with a criminal record. Having a criminal record, even minor, can have a lifetime of consequences. A record makes fulfilling basic human needs undeniably challenging. Finding a secure job, safe and stable housing, obtaining a student loan, no matter how long ago the conviction occurred, is an ongoing battle. 

Nearly half of all children in the US have at least one parent with a criminal record and many of those children are separated from their parents. The barriers that come with a record have a rippling effect for generations

Many states have several hundreds of thousands of people eligible for expungement but they are without a clear or easy pathway to having their record cleared. The process is out-dated and complex, legal fees are costly, making expungement inaccessible for everyday people. Some people aren’t even aware they are eligible for expungement.

We are advocating for widespread implementation of automated expungement and for expanded eligibility for expungement. We are urging every state to implement speedy, accessible, and thorough processes to automatically expunge the records of all who are eligible. A record shouldn’t last a lifetime. Give people a fair chance to rebuild their lives by clearing their records. Everyone deserves a second chance. 

Visit Equity First Alliance and National Expungement Week for more info on how to get involved and for expungement clinics in your city. 

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