Justice For Diamonds Ford

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On Sept 28th Diamonds Ford was abruptly awakened from her sleep upon hearing shattering glass from her bedroom window. She couldn’t see anyone and heard no law enforcement announcement. In fear for her life, she fired shots at who she believed to be an unlawful intruder and was met with returned fire. Fortunately, the Detective who was shot in the crossfire had on protective gear and is recovering and luckily Ms. Ford was uninjured. The return fire caused Ms. Ford and her fiancé to flee to the bathroom for sanctuary, where she called 911 seeking the aid of JSO from the perceived home Invader. Listen to the 911 call: 1. She’s genuinely afraid for her life and 2. Once JSO announces themselves and she hears them she is obviously and genuinely astonished. Listen for yourself (See Video).

Ms. Ford was arrested and has been charged with the Attempted Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer and Armed Possession of Marijuana and is facing Life in Prison. She remains in jail on a $535,006.00 bond after her Bond Reduction was denied.  

According to the Arrest report there were nearly 30 (DEA and SWAT) officers there yet none, NOT 1, had on Body Cameras while executing a HIGH RISK WARRANT.  With these types of high risk warrants, too often you end up 1 of 2 ways: losing your life like Breanna Taylor or like Diamonds Ford facing life in prison. 

The tactics used in these types of warrants should be outlawed, alternatively it should at a minimum be mandated that when law enforcement are executing high risk warrants every participant be required to wear a body camera.

In an effort to seek justice for Ms. Ford, please sign the petition expressing your concerns and desires for the State to drop all charges against Ms. Ford.