Fight to Save Our Democracy

Fight to Save Our Democracy

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Started by Ian R

Please ask your elected officials to act now before it’s too late.

It’s blatantly clear that our fragile Democracy is hanging on by a thread; an Authoritarian regime stands poised to take control. With a few brave exceptions, the Republican Party has embraced extreme ideology, egregious behavior within their own ranks, and are working overtime to restrict voting rights all while continuing to propagate the Big Lie and Anti-Vax sentiment as well as denying Global Warming, refusing to consider any reasonable gun control and of course, allowing a woman’s right to choose to be written out of law

100 years from now, will historians ask how we allowed this to happen? Will they wonder how we sat idly by and watched our Democracy fail?

Please urge your representatives to be more vocal. Please urge them to fight for our children and great grandchildren. Please ask them to fight for Democracy.

846,771 American soldiers died between WWI and the Iraq War in order to defend and preserve our Democracy. Tell your representatives to not allow those deaths to have been in vain. 


37 have signed. Let’s get to 50!