Save Bungabbee Forest from Logging

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We the undersigned call for NO LOGGING to occur in Bungabbee State Forest, Bentley, NSW. 

Bungabee Forest is of environmental, recreational and cultural significance and far more valuable as a forest, accessible to the public, than as wood or timber pulp. 

The Bentley Blockade (2014) against CSG, demonstrated the strength of community commitment to this environment, a commitment that continues. 

Where is Bungabbee State Forest?

  • Bungabbee is approximately 15-20 minutes drive from Lismore, Casino and Kyogle in northern NSW. 
  • It falls between Bungabbee Nature Reserve and Muckleewee Mountain Nature Reserve, dissecting these two critical habitat areas
  • Bungabbee is part of the Mackellar Connector Wildlife Corridor, listed as a Priority 1 Wildlife Corridor by Lismore City Council, connecting to the World Heritage Border Ranges. 

Bungabbee’s Environmental Importance

  • Bungabbee provides key habitat for a number of THREATENED species including: 
    - Koalas
    - Glossy Black Cockatoos
    - Powerful Owls
    - Yellow Bellied Gliders
    - Squirrel Gliders
    - Greater Gliders
    - Parma Wallabies
    - Red-legged Pademelons
  • It is home to the CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Scrub Turpentine, and three ENDANGERED flora species: Rainforest Cassia, Tinospora Vine, and Native Jute
  • Logging Bungabbee threatens the green corridor of the Mackellar Range - wildlife corridors are critical in preventing biodiversity loss resulting from the isolation, fragmentation and degradation of wildlife habitats
  • Disturbance of the area would lead to an increase in invasive species and weeds
  • The area is currently at threat from Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD) and further disturbance has the potential to exacerbate this issue
  • Recent bushfires, drought, and land clearing have greatly impacted our region. Now, more than ever before, it is essential we preserved key wildlife habitats such as Bungabbee. 

Bungabbee’s Recreational and Tourism Importance

  • Bungabbee is utilised by various individuals and groups in the community, including bush walkers, horse riders, mountain bike riders and 4-wheel drivers. 
  • The proposed rail trail from Casino to Bentley passes within a few kilometres of Bungabee, where there is a cluster of trails perfect for those seeking more challenging cycling experiences.
  • With an increased focus on local tourism post COVID, we should focus on enhancing the recreational and tourism potential of this area, not destroying it. 

Bungabbee’s Cultural Importance

  • Bungabbee is in the area of the Gugin-Guddaba Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC). Its close proximity to recorded artefact and ceremonial sites indicates that it may be part of a larger cultural landscape which is significant to the local Aboriginal community [1] 

The Issue

  • Forestry Corporation's website mentions Bungabbee as in a planning phase for logging, with a start date  of Nov. 2, 2020. As of 1st October there was no detailed Harvest Plan available. 
  • No known communication has yet occurred between Forestry Corporation and the local community and neighbours regarding their logging intentions. 
  • Forestry Corp is certified by “Responsible Wood” and is required (Criterion 2) to provide "timely notification to affected stakeholders that may be directly affected by planned forest operations prior to their commencement." We understand that this should mean months, rather than days, ahead of the planned operation.
  • We are also concerned by recent reports of harvested timber being devalued and burnt for power generation at Broadwater Mill. 

We, representatives from the local community of Bungabbee and its surrounds, ask that our voices be heard in opposition to any proposed logging and demand timely and authentic consultation before any logging commences.

Please sign our petition if you support this cause. 

What else can I do? 

  • Share this petition with friends, family and colleagues
  • Join us on  Facebook - Bungabbee Forest Friends - to keep in touch with future plans and actions
  • Email Janelle Saffin and ask her to support the community to resist logging activities at Bungabbee -
  • If you are a local resident or stakeholder, Email Forestry Corporation and highlight their obligation to consult with local stakeholders and your objection to logging at Bungabbee -


[1] Bungabbee and Muckleewee Mountain Nature Reserves Plan Of Management (2006)

Photo: Squirrel Glider - Sharon McGrigor