COVID-19 LOCKDOWN IMMUNITY CARD - TESTED & Virus Tracking Initiative (Taskforce)

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN IMMUNITY CARD - TESTED & Virus Tracking Initiative (Taskforce)

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Dexie AF started this petition to Scott Morrison (Federal Member for Cook) and

In light of the current COVID-19 climate, the 6-months or longer lockdown of Australia will no doubt cause unforseen long-term personal and societal damage. Such Draconian measures and restrictions on healthy Australians must not continue. Our leaders are leaning towards and sailing us into a dystopian future, filled with fear and more controls. Followed by little to no optimistic results and leadership during this COVID-19 situation. Our Government deliberately shut down large sections of economy and social life, and conveniently using a Virus as a scapegoat. History has proven that Viruses are manageable if acted upon early** and virus spreaders; whether unknowingly or knowingly communicable are ordered to self isolate and quarantined with no slip ups. Silent and Super spreaders are to be targeted by a specialized task force. With comprehensive investigations. Combined with proactive contact source tracing and monitoring efforts, all these efforts will then halt the spread.

This pandemic must not be shaped to be a continuous spread like how wars are made to be continuous, billions spent to sustain them, this type of behaviour is not on, We call on the Gov to stop making sly innuendos, remarks that suggest the they expect or aim for this virus to "stay" in the longrun !! We will not be indoctrinated into this program, we will take a stance, have the willpower to choose our own path and harness our suspicion index, question every GOV announcement and unveil its true intention. We ask the GOV to refrain from politicizing this virus and focus more on STOPPING it in its tracks.Treat this as a terror threat no different to others. Contain this threat which is coming from abroad. You have the taskforce and intelligence to do it, our economy shouldn't be this plaything that you can shutdown and reboot. Livelihoods matter.

Unfortunately we have witnessed a rapid and total economic slowdown faster than the spread of COVID-19. Something is amiss here. 

We are sailing into uncharted territory, the recovery period will be longer as this Health Crisis grips the nation along with new Government Control and forced orders deepens. Not to mention the almost non-existent capitalist system, with this strange form of economic management & new landscape. Economists are perplexed at the change.  We certainly have a right to choose our OWN PATHS. Politicians shouldn't make all the decisions. We have a right to vote for these new economic measures not forced into it. No OTHER communicable diseases that were also a danger to the vulnerable,  caused these inconceivable deliberate, drastic and rapid economic changes witnessed today. This issue, the rushed process and its poor management is full of red herrings !!                                                                                              The irony is, Why didn't the Government declare a climate change emergency shutdown during 2019 world movement ?


Our Government should be solution focused on a daily basis, easing the hurt, exploring and finding new ways to ease the restrictions placed, and allow healthy Australians to continue to live their lives freely and not be shackled down by ill advised, unjust and unfair economic measures. Social isolation must be limited to COVID-19 carriers ONLY, because our mental health will be deeply affected if such measures is imposed long-term on all healthy non COVID-19 carriers, its a deliberate deprivation of our liberty. Only the infected should be isolated, quarantined and separated from the healthy. Unfortunately poor strategies, ineffective protocols, and lack of communication across agencies has led to a contagion entering our beloved nation. 


The Government has the capability and resources to BE SOLUTION FOCUSED, by engaging biotech engineers or alike to develop and utilise high level monitoring and virus tracing technology to properly manage the crisis in a more sophisticated way. China is leading the way in that space, and has proven that such technology exists via their use of  "The QR Code" effectively Tracing and Tracking Corona-virus Hotspot's and carriers. It's proven technology has allowed the Chinese economy to return to business as usual. This is a reasonable approach.Tracing the virus movements is paramount to managing this Health crisis.

Now with up to date investigative news, tracing the virus is proven to be vital, Australians are made aware that almost all Virus Contractions were from Foreigners entering our shores, so securing our borders is paramount.  More concerning news has revealed the slip ups, blame game and cover-ups by our Government, COVID-19 infected agents embarrassingly overlooked and allowed to enter Australia with careless quarantine measures, a recent example is NSW HEALTH mismanagement of the "Ruby Princess" Cruise liner, a virus super spreader, where many of the travelers were found to be infected with COVID-19, yet loose quarantine measures and a lack of directive allowed the virus carriers to disembark, creating a health hazard and a contagion risk to all unaware Australians.

One should also mention that Health care workers and public servants alike who are at the front line, have a higher risk of contracting and or unknowingly spreading the Virus, so we ask for stricter measures and precautions to be placed on those we admire battling bravely in keeping us safe and healthy.

Incompetent and pessimistic leaders such as NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard must resign inorder to regain public confidence and faith into our health care system, leaders take accountability, we do not want leaders to stoke fear and use number of cases as means to silence us or deter us to finding solutions, politicians shouldn't be death broadcasters. Now if cases of infected are infact rising we should be critical of, and questioning the inadequate level of competence in managing the crisis, questioning police powers, and perhaps revisit current lockdown restrictions and a change in leadership.

Vital Data ...

Special importance should be placed on contagion data. Transparency of data is key, and keeping the public in the know of hotspots is vital lifesaving information. We have the right to know the source of the rise of cases, whether it was from a foreign agent or domestic virus carrier, and know of their movements. We are fortunate to be an "island continent". Managing this Health Crisis within is a manageable task. Furthermore, useful information such as being informed that most cases of COVID-19 were contracted from communal objects, such as door knobs, handles or seats, this is a viable approach in properly and successfully managing the spread of the virus by informing the nation. 

Stating the number of deaths vs number of recoveries.                                                                Ministers get given the privilege to voice their opinions and facts, and yet they layout pure speculations and unbacked virus forecast** based on gloomy modelling, they get given a media platform with no agency to challenge or monitor there clear and evident spread of fear and hysteria to the public. We all agree, platforms should not be used soley to read out number of cases and speculate on deaths, this approach is without substance. Sharing information of the source of the contagion, and virus contact tracing is viable, and should be done in a case by case scenario, this is a proven way to empower the public and provide viable facts as well as provide optimistic leadership.                                                                                     

Such are the proven ways of managing any other communicable disease, COVID-19 should not be dealt with any differently.                                           

 More police and ministerial powers and directives does not and has not proven to stop or slow the contagion. 

Now that it can be proven that a contagion is highly likely to originate from foreign travelers, today's Ministerial Lockdown directive needs to be urgently revised, effectively eased for all Australians, non-travelers and many businesses feeling the hurt of unnecessary long-term forced shutdowns and restrictions.  

Government tactics and devious methods like Manufacturing Mass Unemployment, increasing police powers, unfair restriction applications and unnecessary economic stimulus expenditure ("soften the blow"), increasing our nations debt; nearing $1 trillion dollars, and duping us with these economic treats as a distraction so they can introduce and swiftly pass new draconian laws into parliament under the guise of "Emergency Legislation", with little to no comprehensive parliament debates, or time to understand the long-term ramifications of said laws, this is certainly more dangerous than the virus spreading. The Government is planning to sustain these measures.                                                                                                                                                     These actions are uncalled for and are of "dystopian" nature, where every family is thrust into a hunger game way of living, only surviving, indeed we are being setup for total failure and more controls. No AMOUNT of stimulus "Giveaways" will keep us afloat in the long run and allow us to regain permanent independence.                                                                                              

Control, fear, panic, uncertainty and creating mass hysteria when providing incorrect unproven contagion forecast and ineffective measures is irresponsible and not a proven method of containing a manageable virus, in the here and now. Since even now the number of cases are on the rise.                                 

Furthermore to add more reasoning to this issue of control and policing, Public servants are not immune to virus contraction, they can be unknown carriers, so unnecessary & excessive police powers and activities abusing our freedoms is an unproven and ineffective way of "flattening the curve" of the virus spreading. As clearly shown in other failing nations.                                                                     

The focus*** should be on high level of continuous virus source tracing and digitized monitoring, exclusively on COVID-19 carriers.                                                                                                                We must subject foreigners and tourism / travel entities to penalties for bringing the virus to our shores, given that they did not adhere to COVID-19 quarantine and testing measures.  


Proposal :

A COVID-19 Immunity Certificate is the golden ticket, a sensible measure and approach, and can improve the current climate in Australia, this ingenious initiative can slowly but surely mitigate the risk of the Virus from Spreading, essentially separating COVID-19 carriers from Healthy Citizens. If all COVID-19 carriers self isolate and movements traced, it'll ensure that a business as usual approach is viable and a deliberate shutdown for 6-months or longer is no longer required. 


Please make your mark, and contribute to alleviate this unnecessary suffering imposed on all Australians and on our businesses and livelihoods alike, we can bounce back, thrive sooner than envisaged and ultimately take back control of our  future, to a better destination !!  

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