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Tougher sentencing and enforcement of already current laws for Domestic Violence crimes.

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On Sunday, November 5 2017, a man convicted of Domestic Violence massacred over 26 people at a church service in Texas. This was not terrorism or mental illness, but pure Domestic Violence. This man relentlessly threatened and pursued his wife and her family until that terrible day. Even after a conviction for cracking his child's skull he was given a light sentence and allowed to buy semi automatic weapons despite laws to the contrary. 

When I saw the news that day I was not surprised. Every day I hear incredible stories of injustices where abusers literally get away with attempted murder, and I have a story myself. What is it going to take for society to take Domestic Violence seriously? Why should a stranger attack receive a stiffer penalty than a dv attack? It should be a HIGHER penalty for DV, not more lenient. Victims are told over and over that there is nothing we can do until the abuser kills us. Now abusers are not just killing their domestic partners, but everyone is subject to becoming an abusers collateral damage. 

If the current laws had been applied, the Texas shooter would not have been able to purchase his weapon. While it is true abusers are relentless and he would have still attacked, the carnage could have been much less severe had he walked into the church with a knife or pistol. Or better yet...maybe it would not have happened at all if he had truly been held accountable the first time he harmed a child.

If he had cracked a stranger's skull, he would have received a severe sentence for attempted murder. But since he cracked his own child's skull he only received 12 months and was free to kill and buy weapons. 

We need stronger penalties for Domestic Violence crimes, victims need to be taken seriously when they are threatened BEFORE they are killed, and we need enforcement of laws we ALREADY have preventing Domestic Violence offenders from buying guns. If we do not fix this, we will see many more tragedies like the Texas shooting. Tragedies happen every day already, let us not turn our heads at the ugly truth now...let us honor the victims of Texas massacre by giving the tragedy meaning through positive change...not just another sad story of domestic violence.





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