Protecting our First Responders and Workers at Roadway Incidents

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Don DeReamus
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Every year, numerous first responders and workers lose their lives while working along roadways. We constantly see the tragic news headlines of “responder (or worker) struck and killed while working performing their duty along a roadway”. With an ever-increasing number of aggressive, distracted, and just plain careless drivers, it’s time we take action on a national scale to protect those who have dedicated their lives to protecting us and helping those in need. Slow Down-Move Over laws exist in many places, but these alone are not enough to adequately protect our first responders with people often refusing to move over and only slowing to a speed still far above the posted speed limits as they pass. It’s time we work together to ensure safer conditions for motorists and responders alike.

We need better advanced warning of emergencies ahead, laws which decrease posted speed limits based on road conditions (rain, snow, ice) or in the presence of an emergency, safer road designs with adequate room for safely pulling over, and stiffer penalties for those who speed through work zones and emergency scenes, refuse to yield to emergency vehicles, and/or drive distracted, negligently, or under the influence.

Police officers, firefighters, EMS Providers, Tow Operators, construction and utility workers are all members of our communities and have families at home waiting for them. As a first responder myself, this issue is near and dear to my heart as I have witnessed first hand many close-calls while working incidents along roadways and have recently lost a mentor, friend, and fellow paramedic to a tragic roadway accident in the line of duty. Despite all we have done to improve safety in these situations, it is not enough and we can do better. We MUST do better.

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