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Education and medical Facilities in India is nothing but business Run by politi and busine

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We all are talking about corruption in India at all level. Yes there is corruption.

We have to ask our self why there is corruption? One of the reasons is.

·         First caste and religion based education and employment system, must abolish. It is like cancers. And we all know that This will never happen and the reason as well(vote bank)

·         1. Education system in India. We have CBSC, ICSE, IB, state board, and then we have Govt and private schools and tutorials.

2. Govt schools/Colleges are good for nothing, as most of the parents not interested to send their kids nor students are interested to join. Reason poor infrastructure, faculty members (teacher, lecturers, and professors)

3. Private schools/colleges some are good, some are worst, and all of them are looting citizens. Most of them run by politicians and businessmen.

4. Still we have to send our kids to private tuitions, Another Loots. That means at both Govt/Private schools are not performing up to level. 

5. After spending lots of money there is no guarantee of employment.

6. Employments of teachers, lecturers, professors from reservation quota, and their performance is very poor.

·         Same thing applies to medical facilities.

1, Govt hospital and their infrastructure is worst, poorly maintained.

2. Admitting patients to the Govt hospitals means sending him/her to the mortuary.

3.Pvt hospital means again loot, they will keep looting even the patient died .

4. Medical insurance is another cheating business; one cannot predict what will happen to him/her for this running year.

What we need is.

1, No more caste and religion based reservation for education and employment.

2. Free education and medical to all.

3. No more Govt or Private school/college business, all should be under one umbrella. One educational board, same syllabus, for all Indian students. state can give importance to the state languages.

4. Development of  all schools and colleges to equal standard with good infrastructure and faculty members.

5. Students must get admission to the nearest school/colleges from their home.

6. Regular audits on each school at least twice a year, audit team should be teachers, lecturers, professors, students (bright and below average) professionals, parents, and media.

7. Employment of teachers, lecturer, professors should be on merit and their performance, as this the question of students future.

8. All hospital and doctors under one umbrella , close all these private hospitals.

9. Develop all hospital to equal standard, every mohalla /sector of the places we live required minimum numbers of basic health care centres as per number of population.

We all know that nothing  will happen like this.

Looking forward some discussion on this subject.

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