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Subject: Request to stop privatization of agricultural education in
Gujarat state

As per the norms of the SAU of Gujarat only students who completed UG
degree from SAU and ICAR PG exam qualified students can only be
eligible for agricultural master degree courses in agriculture and
allied sciences. But the students of these private universities would
take admission on which basis is not known. There are various question
arises regarding this private university.
Validation and approval of course curriculum of equivalency with other
SAU colleges. Discipline wise available facility and resources.
Approval and accreditation of the college it’s the minimum requirement
of teaching and farming activities by competent body (ICAR).
In SAU the student of agriculture’s sciences go through the teaching
of more than 190 credits including various courses important
discipline, laboratory and research on farm practical, hands on
training etc. AS per guidelines and criteria standardized by (5th Dean
In reality a minimum of 500 hectare of land should be there under each
agricultural college in order to conduct proper research and also one
should be having proper teaching faculty. But the irony is that these
colleges have failed to meet all these minimum requirements and for
the sake of money they are admitting the students without any limit.
The teaching faculty is composed of teachers who have not even
cleared NET examination and these teachers are evaluating the students
liberally and giving more marks than what they deserve which is in
turn depleting the quality of agriculture education and research. This
will lead to the unemployment condition which the nation have already
experienced and still experiencing as that of medical and engineering
In turn we the students from rural background who have studied with
merit and good practical knowledge will be denied from getting jobs in
public sector and we will lose the opportunity to serve the farming
community. In order to keep up the quality of agricultural education
and research, instead of giving permission to private college’s
government itself can extend the number government colleges under each

State Agricultural Students,