To Know what was going to happen in ash vs evil dead season 4

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Because the ending of the TV series Ash vs evil dead was a twist; leaving the frustrated fans in the unknow, and because the chances of having a new season are low with Bruce Campbell's retirement; what many of the anti hero Ash fans would like is to have details, informations, ideas, of what was supposed to happen to him, of what happenned to his friends And daughter, to the entire world, and of what the dark ones are planning...

In 1992, Army of Darkness was supposed to end on the same twist and Sam Raimi decided to change That,  making of it an alternate ending, giving us a real ending or Something close. But today, 26 years later, we didn't the same chance. That's why this pétition is here. To get answers of all Kind, the best, Except an other season, would be to get comic books by exemple, or a book, or anything, even tweets, giving the fans what they deserve after 37 years of loyalty.

So please, Starz, Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi, and the writers, don't let us leave Ash on this note That gave us all the désire to see the post apocalyptic world we dream of since the third movie 

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