I would like to see Starz release Sam Heughan's Outlander audition tape.

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In 1991 Diana Gabaldon released her first Outlander novel.

Named Outlander, it told the story of a young Highlander, Jamie Fraser. Claire Fraser, a bolshy English nurse from the 1940's, traveled through time to the 1700s, met Jamie and so began their story.

In July 2013 Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie Fraser. For many of us, over the last 5 seasons he has embodied the character of Jamie Fraser. His mannerisms, his looks, his attitude. He simply is Jamie Fraser. 

We can all see this now. However, what was it that the casting agency, and those that completed the auditions, saw in Sam during that audition? What made them so sure that Sam was Jamie Fraser?

Diana Gabaldon has spoken about seeing this audition tape and just knowing he was Jamie.

So I'm thinking (just like everyone else is) it would be amazing to see that audition tape.

So, I'm petitioning Starz and Tall Ship Productions to release these audition tapes. Show us what you saw. We are currently experiencing the longest Droughtlander in the history of Droughtlanders. What a way to help us soldier through.

So, sign your name folks.

Let's get this happening!