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StarWars 1313: Continue development on StarWars 1313

Because a lot of people were exited for this game, it is an open world game where you get to play as a bounty hunter and it was going to star non other than fan favourite Boba Fett. Nuff said.

Letter to
StarWars 1313
Dear EA/Disney

Please continue work on Star Wars 1313. Me and so many other's have been looking forward to this game since it was announced at 2012 E3. Not realising this game will be a huge mistake on your part. The game had already shown gameplay which looks ahead of its time all you need to do is continue the development. This game was going to take a new turn for Star Wars gamers and it was going to star Boba fett the “FAMOUS BOUNTY HUNTER” of StarWars, the same bounty hunter that sold the most action figures of its day. This game is open world and I know from experience that StarWars 1313 is going to sell big. Do your fans from Disney,EA and StarWars this massive favour.