Starve Temptation, Feed Your Action: Destroy Student's Distractions

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Education plays a vital role in one's life, it is not just about the knowledge that students can get from textbook or any literary hand outs, hence education is the life itself. It serves as the training ground to build one's perspective, opinion and point of view towards life. This shape the world's future leaders with right discipline, attitude and characteristics in order to be a productive citizen of the society. On the other hand, as students cope up with the changing times, various roadblocks tempt them not to concentrate on education, such distractions are as follow; widespread use of social media, smartphones and other electronics, intimate relationship, personal problems, peer pressure, addiction and many more. The aforementioned hindrances makes them do less in school. For that reason, the project "Starve Temptation, Feed your Action: Destroy Student's Distractions" aims to take awareness on the importance of education to awaken students about their priorities in life which will eventually lead to the avoidance of any temptation and also to mitigate the risk and negative effects of those distractions before they are shallowed.