In memory of Denise Marie Anderson, who was murdered at the hands of her abuser.

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Our friend, Denise Marie Anderson, was murdered on August 1st, 2019.  She, like, many others have fallen victim to loopholes in the law.  I am asking that you sign this petition, share this petition, write your state representatives and national representatives, wherever you may be.  We are trying to prevent this from happening to anyone else, not only in North Dakota, but nationwide.  Signing this petition and sharing it is a good start.  

For North Dakota Residents: What I am asking for help in, is redefining the relationships under The North Dakota Century Code Chapter 14.07-1.01.  Please pay attention to number 4, the wording needs to be changed. 

North Dakota Century Code on Domestic Violence. 

14-07.1-01. Definitions.
1. "Department" means the state department of health.
2. "Domestic violence" includes physical harm, bodily injury, sexual activity compelled by
physical force, assault, or the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury,
sexual activity compelled by physical force, or assault, not committed in self-defense,
on the complaining family or household members.
3. "Domestic violence sexual assault organization" means a private, nonprofit
organization whose primary purpose is to provide emergency housing,
twenty-four-hour crisis lines, advocacy, supportive peer counseling, community
education, and referral services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
4. "Family or household member" means a spouse, family member, former spouse,
parent, child, persons related by blood or marriage, persons who are in a dating
relationship, persons who are presently residing together or who have resided together
in the past, persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they are or
have been married or have lived together at any time, and, for the purpose of the
issuance of a domestic violence protection order, any other person with a sufficient
relationship to the abusing person as determined by the court under section
5. "Health officer" means the state health officer of the department.
6. "Law enforcement officer" means a public servant authorized by law or by a
government agency to enforce the law and to conduct or engage in investigations of
violations of law.
7. "Predominant aggressor" means an individual who is the most significant, not
necessarily the first, aggressor.
8. "Willfully" means willfully as defined in section 12.1-02-02.

It was completely and totally unacceptable for the Fargo Police Department to say her complaints filed for domestic violence didn't fit under the North Dakota Century Code sections for definition of a family member or household member. I have already contacted my representatives in District 21 and research is being done. 

On average a person is assaulted by an intimate partner every 20 minutes, that is unacceptable and definitions of relationships need to be clearly defined not only on a state, but federal level. It doesn't matter what the relationship is, domestic violence is domestic violence. 

I would like to introduce legislation on a state and federal level in her memory to change the definition of what a "relationship" is, make it crystal clear, so in the event when it happens to someone else, the guidelines are there in black and white. There is no gray area.

I am asking that you sign this petition, share this petition to anyone and everyone you know, by doing so, when we define what is a relationship under the North Dakota Century Code, and by changing it,  we bring that definition to the federal forefront and we not only honor her memory, we also save a life. This will be delivered to the Governor, and the State House and Senate.  Eventually, it will be delivered to the White House, the House of Representatives and United States Senate. 

Thank you,

Jodi Beauchene

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