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As you know, at the end of October, rumors started swirling around a few members of Monsta X. The account on Twitter that posted the video later acknowledged that they had done it on purpose in an attempt to sabotage the group. Following unproved rumors spreader by Han Seo Hee And Jung da eun, Wonho decided to leave the group in an attempt to save the group’s image and let the members continue their dreams without him.

Recently Starship stated that following police investigation, the drug allegations against Wonho were finally cleared. Concerning the rest of the accusations they were always denied since the start, none of that should be taken seriously since Jung Da Eun And Han Seo Hee clearly attempted to ruin him with fake accusations. Later an interview from Dispatch was released in which Wonho finally  opened up his heart to fans and to the world. After 5 months we were able to finally hear Wonho’s truth. In the interview Wonho opened up about his past, however he clearly never meant to use it as an excuse to run away but to change and live a better life. Wonho took responsibility about everything showing how regretful he is. Wonho’s circumstances were always difficult, he had in fact a difficult youth, his parents always had financial problems, he was bullied and lived in poverty but never used it to justify what he did and apologized for all the people he hurt. Wonho is the real example of what an idol should be. He took his past mistake as lesson and changed for better. We admire him a lot, Wonho is more than a simple idol, Wonho is an inspiration. He overcame the odds and achieved his dream, just like the other six. None of them, especially him, has anything to be ashamed of or to apologize for. Wonho is the real victim in this situation, he was unfairly accused, blamed and attacked by antis and he literally left the most important things in his life to protect what he loved the most (the members and the fans). No one is perfect, we improve by learning from our mistakes. He is the first step for a humanized industry. 

Wonho left Monsta X to protect the members from unproven accusations that now were finally all proven wrong. This decision is unfair, idols aren’t disposable objects and no one should hold the power to make them risk their career. There’s no reason Wonho shouldn’t be reinstated in Monsta X. We ask Starship to fulfill their responsibility and bring him back into Monsta X where he will always belong.