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Jessie U. started this petition to Starship Entertainment and

Who is Monsta X and where do we stand now?

Monsta X is a kpop group under Starship Entertainment. Originally the group was formed by 7 members: Son Hyunwoo (Shownu), Lee Hoseok (Wonho), Yoo Kihyun, Lee Minhyuk, Chae Hyungwon, Lee Jooheon and Im Changkyun (I.M.) however, after some very unfortunate events, Monsta X is currently formed by 6 members.

After being falsely accused of weed possession, Wonho regretfully left the group so that the image of Monsta X could remain intact despite the baseless allegations, only to be discharged from all allegations 3 months later as he was proved innocent after the adequate investigations were carried out.

Following Wonho's departure, fans from all over the world joined forces to ask for the reinstatement of the idol in Monsta X however, after a tireless fight, Wonho signed up under Highline Entertainment (a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment) as solo artist and producer. Of course everyone that awaited for so long for Wonho's return cheered when the good news broke out though, despite the positive outcome, there is still at the present time a sense of dissatisfaction within the fandom(s) for a number of reasons:

• Too much effort is put into erasing Wonho from Monsta X's past in a multitude of ways (such as being edited out from pictures), which isn't disrespectful and cruel only towards Wonho, but also towards Monsta X. Monsta X did not reach its current status overnight, or over a year, but over (almost) 6 years of consistent and tireless work, which Wonho was part of for 5 years. Wonho is part of Monsta X's history and he is an essential part of that history, trying to erase him won't change this fact and just shows a clear lack of respect towards all 7 artists whenever those attempts are made.

• Despite being both clearly managed by Starship Entertainment (because there has been a few too many accidents and coincidences that it is now obvious that Highline Entertainment is really Starship Entertainment in a trench coat), Monsta X and Wonho seem to have no freedom to openly interact with one another. Even simple things such as openly interact on social media or to be able to openly talk about another seem to be out of question for both parties.

• Just like Monsta X and Wonho seem to have no freedom to openly interact with one another, they seem to have no freedom to also work together, whether that may be a collaboration between Monsta X and Wonho in a Monsta X album, or Wonho and Monsta X/any member of Monsta X in a Wonho album.

• Althought Wonho was welcomed by Starship/Highline Entertainment once he was discharged by all allegations, the effort put into promoting Wonho is less than the bare minimum, which only consists of performing on a few stages and call it a day.

What do we want to achieve?

• More respect for Monsta X AND Wonho. We want Wonho to still be included in Monsta X's history and not see him being erased from it, because he plays a vital role in every single achievement of the group this far.

• Give both Monsta X AND Wonho the freedom to interact with each other, openly talk about one another and, if they wish to, even work together. Both parties deserve to act freely without restrictions because, regardless of the current status of their contracts, their bond is still strong and still care for one another.

• If it is a desire of both parties, give Wonho the opportunity to reunite with Monsta X and return to it's original 7 members formation. REAL fans don't care about what happened 2 years ago, they want to see these 7 men TRULY happy and not being punished because an individual decided to spread false information and wreck this group just for their own enjoyment. What does truly happy mean? Means being actually happy and not expressing happiness just the sake of fans and their company and to keep them happy. 

• Treat Wonho fairly and equally by giving him the same promotions that any other Starship Entertainment artist would receive for their comeback. He is an artist worthy of respect like any other, so doing less than the bare minimum doesn't cut it.

All in all fans want to see Monsta X and Wonho being respected as artists and as human beings. There's room for improvement in every situation and, this situation at hand, has a lot of room for improvement. Let's not settle for something that is "good enough" and let's try to achieve the best for these 7 friends and brothers!

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