Request to Change the Editor of Naamkarann

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    Channel ( Starplus), Production house (Dhaval and Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd) and Creative's(of Naamkarann) and Mr. Mahesh Bhatt

            Kind request to change the editor of Naamkarann. Most of the important scenes shot on Avni and Neil are edited. Those scenes which are shown in the precap are not telecasted the next day and all good scenes of Neil and Avni is edited out, Instead Sudden switch of Negative characters like Dayawanti Mehta, Guru Ma, Rhea, Amol and Rhea, conspiring scene are shown between Neil, Avni (AvNeil) scenes which are an interruption to Avneil . Also, many Avneil scenes are already shot are edited/deleted from episodes. Plotting and scheming against Avni and others by villains are given more screen space in every episode.  Portraying as Dayawanti & Guruma having blessings from God helping them to succeed in their scheming to harm others gives the wrong message to the viewers. There's add on villains every day in the show which spreads negativity. Too much of negativity and poor editing / deleting Avneil (Neil, Avni) scenes make the show uninteresting for the viewers to watch Naamkaran. Sometimes scenes lack the continuity and there is no connection between scenes, which is why replacement of Editor is required.


            Kind request to Not to delete or edit out Avneil(Neil, Avni) scenes, Rather plotting and scheming of Dayawanti, Guru Ma, Rhea, Amol and Rhea can be given less screen space.And also to show Neil, Avni (Avneil) scenes any interruption of Dayawanti, Guru Ma, Rhea, Amol and Rhea machinations and scenes be coherent. And also to reduce too much of negativity like plotting and scheming and concentrate more on positive plot and characters. If the negativity persists we will stop watching #Naamkarann and #BoycottStarplus.

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